ICE ICFl TERA Dionysus XXXX (aka: Lt Blue/White+)

He made IC!!! Thrilling, only one more to go and we have them all! (Need to update page again to reflect change.)



I had my first dog get to title UC!!! (I need to update my layout on that one!)

UCE UCFl TERA Dionysus XXXX (aka: Lt Blue/White+)

Current Posts I am Bumping

The First Post

Well I am getting tired of manually changing my layout all the time, so I am going to see if this works. I know it is kind of cheating, but hey it works for me.

Art waiting for (not impatient, not upset – they are locked!) Just a reminder to myself. 😛

Guess that is it for the first post… Now to update my layout to reflect the change! 😀

Done with what I am going to do…

I am SO tired, I am going to lock my account just in case I don’t get in to show and take care of the dogs. Almost time that I can go to sleep.

I plan on adding tons of links over in that side bar with all the useful information. I was looking for a specific post that has tons of links (I don’t want to add them all), but a link to that post would be awesome. I can’t remember what it was titled though… I know it was by someone in ETC though, so I am sure I will find it…

*Slowing walking off and sliding into sheets…